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  • BioRev Bioanalysis Software


    A comprehensive software solution for bioanalytical laboratories to automate and standardize report generation, and to conduct scientific data review based on custom quality objectives.

  • QAlert Bioanalysis Software


    QAlert is a mass spectrometer monitoring system that provides fault detection alert service and Mass Spec Operational Analytics®

  • Auto MD Bioanalysis Software

    Auto MD

    AutoMD is developed for pharmaceutical labs to improve the efficiency of developing Bio-Analytical LC/MS methods with adaptive algorithms to mimic expert logics in method development.

  • QMS Bioanalysis Software


    A convenient software solution that enables manufacturing industries to track and report defects and faults in the production process in real time.

Our Products



Generation of bioanalytical lab reports is time-consuming and error-prone. Having to cut and paste tables and data from different systems and data sources is tedious and very manual. BioRev, a 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant solution, streamlines report generation by collating information from different sources to create your sample analysis and validation reports in a matter of minutes so you can concentrate on what you do best, results and innovation.

Qalert Bioanalytical Software


Qalert is a mass spectrometer monitoring system that provides fault detection alert service and Mass Spec Operational Analytics®. Fault detection alert service can alert a scientist or lab technician in real time about the detection of a fault with a mass spec (should it be spec or spectrum?) Detections can include identifying when a mass spec is stopped due to an error in the acquisition, a piping leak that is causing faulty data to be recorded, an analyst gets stuck on acquiring a sample or is waiting on the next sample or peaks are not detected where they are supposed to be.

Auto MD BioAnalytical Software

Auto MD

Automated LC/MS Method development (Auto MD) for Bioanalytical labs significantly reduces time and provides flexibility for setting up long injection sequence to systematically explore "best" LC-MS assay conditions. Auto MD can change mass spec conditions in method files, create and/or change injection sequence, obtain Chrom. characterization parameters and obtain integration parameters and results. Software Can create/change LC gradients, select column, and solvents.

QMS Bioanalytical Software


QMS is a major solution provided by iNNiData which enables different manufacturing industries to track and report defects, faults and stoppages in the production process in real time.

Deconvolutional Bioanalytical Software


Deconvolution is an that application uses the deconvolution algorithm designed by professionals at iNNiData which produces artifact-free deconvoluted mass specrtra.

Who We Are

iNNiData Bioanalysis Software Products
iNNiData was founded in 2014 as a software company dedicated to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies. Identifying the potential of bioanalytical laoratories' data to be automated for highly optimized and reliable outcomes, BioRev was formulated as our first product.

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